Artist Statement


The images I paint focus on portraying my human expressions or feelings through various forms of abstraction. The celebration of life, its questions and hardships, its hopes and inspirations, all influence my images particularly their relevance to the here and now. The relationship I have with the world around me is portrayed in each piece.

My first inspirations with art came from growing up as a painting contractor’s son.  Seeing customers debate over off-white or beige walls showed me early on the influence paint and color has on people.  Similarly, seeing the same debates over artworks going up on walls I noticed the many uses of art in everyday life.  The power that art potentially has is very fascinating to me, and I strive to create works that add in to the significance of everyday life whatever that may be.

All of my paintings have a piece of me in them.  I feel a deep connection with my art, and by placing them in public I’m curious to see how my ideas will take form in the world.  Producing images that help me try and make sense of everyday thoughts and feelings I strive to constantly learn from the process of life through the process of art.

Thank you for taking the time to view my art.

– Bryce Holloway